After viewing the artwork presented in the lobby gallery - an exhibit of custom-made guitars which displayed the artists' renditions of the meaning of fatherliness - the audience enters the main theatre. Directly above them is a small array of red-glass heat lamps, mimicing the heat of the Florida swamp even in the middle of an upstate New York winter.

The audience travels down a small corridor decorated with real Spanish Moss brought in from Florida, walking on top of dried oak leaves, also from Florida. Above the audience is extensive camo netting where additional moss and palm fronds are installed, and besides the corridor is an extensive art mural depicting the feeling of being immersed in a Florida forest.

Once the end of the corridor is reached, the audience receives a cinematic reveal of the full set - a small moonshine cabin in the heart of the Florida Everglades. Once house opened 30 minutes prior to the start of performance, the lighting transformed from evening golden hour to a blue, cool twilight. By the time the "sun" had fully set and the space was washed in moonlit darkness, the house lights went down and the play began, taking us directly into midnight in the Everglades.

The Arsonists
Denizen Theatre
New Paltz, New York

by Jacqueline Goldfinger

direction by Ben Williamson
scenic and lighting design by Ryan Finzelber
costume design by Christina English
sound design by Mike Wood
props design by Wendy Lipstein
scenic charge art by Harley Putzer

production management by Christine LaBoy
technical direction by Rick Giunta
production stage management by Christine LaBoy
ast. stage management by Molly Sharples
production electrician: Jonathan Nickens

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